CMIP5 Coupled Model Intercomparison Project
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CMIP5 - Data Access - Documents

CMIP5 Data Access Documents:

1. The CMIP5 Experiment Design - see Experiment Design page.

2. The List of Requested Variables - see Data Description page.

3. The CMIP5 Data Reference Syntax (DRS) and Controlled Vocabulary- the common naming system to be used in files, directories, metadata and URLs to identify datasets. See also a summary of controlled vocabulary for the CMIP5 / IPCC5 project, derived from the DRS specification.

4. CMIP5 Model output requirements for structure, format and metadata CMIP5_output_metadata_requirements.pdf .


5. The ocean variables list is in a document prepared by the Working Group on Ocean Model Development, Griffies et al., 2009: "Sampling Physical Ocean Fields in WCRP CMIP5 Simulations"


6.The IPCC/CMIP5 AR5 schedule, (pdf).