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Journal articles and other publications based on CMIP5 model output should be recorded and listed at CMIP5 Publications page. See also CMIP5 references page for publications about the overall CMIP5 project itself and please review the guidelines for properly citing and acknowledging CMIP5 in your publications on Citation Page.

The CMIP panel and the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) authors request your cooperation in recording citation information for any papers (submitted or published) based on CMIP5 model results at CMIP5 Publications page and

PLEASE NOTE: The form can be filled out from Safari and Firefox browsers (and perhaps others), but you will encounter an error in submitting the form from Internet Explorer. We are working to correct this problem.

Registering your paper(s) will make AR5 authors as well as other researchers aware of your work. More importantly it will serve to document the scientific impact of CMIP5, which is of vital importance for securing future funding to support both the modeling groups and software infrastructure of CMIP. You should consider this an obligation if you have taken advantage of the CMIP5 archive, which represents the end product of considerable effort by the modeling groups and others.

You can enter citation information as soon as your article has been submitted (and later, once your paper is accepted or published, update the information). In addition to the citation information, we hope you will provide the information about which data you relied on and also check all the keywords that apply to your study. This will make it possible for everyone to find your article once we implement the planned search capability.

You can edit your publication at any time by clicking on the "Edit" tab at the top of the page and entering your email address.

Note that there are several categories of publications, but the only one that is well tested and currently reliable is "journal article". Please hold off entering other types of publications for a few weeks.

Also, we promise not to share your email address with anyone. And to repeat one item from above: DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER TO FILL OUT THE FORM. With this browser you might be able to fill out the form, but you won't be able to submit it.

As a final request, please review the guidelines for properly citing and acknowledging CMIP5 in your publications on Citation Page.